Ocean in a Jar – Empty Private Reserve Containers

Private Reserve Jars Pilling Up? What one Co-Worker did with his empty jars.


This information can very depending on the materials you have and the materials you find. But it starts with a Nug Jar or any empty jar that happens to lay around the house.

  • Supplies:
  • Glass Jars
  • sand
  • rocks
  • moss
  • fake grass
  • fish net
  • twine
  • necklace chain
  • sea shells
  • star fish
  • drift wood
  • feathers
  • miscellaneous treasures


Next you will want to gather all the items you want to place into the jar(s). He starts out with the fish net and moss, for a nice earthy green and brown look to hold the base. This also helps prevent cracking of the jars when adding in rocks. The moss is treated like a pillow for the rocks. Take some twine and weave it through some holes in the fish net. This gives your area a nice organic feel to it.


He then adds a few rocks and a few sea shells, to be mixed into the base of the jar. Make sure it is all spread out the best you can make it. At this time, take your fake grass, and cut blades off to fit the height of your jar. With fake plants equals no water.

Once you have a nice base at the bottom of your jars. You will want to start trowing in some miscellaneous treasures into the mix. This can be store bought, or simple treasures found on your beach walks. He found a few pairs or earrings on the beach, and found some dried up star fish. The rest of his items were found at a local hobby lobby. Mix the treasures all around your jar as desired. More treasure means more things to find!


After you have placed all the treasure your heart desires into the jar. Fill the jar up with sand. The amount of sand you want in your jar is entirely up to you. More sand means it is harder to find the treasures you have hidden in them, where less sand allows you to shake them up freely.


He finishes his process with a few Peacock feathers, a few pieces of chopped up necklace, and drift wood. Again all these materials and sizes can and will very depending on the display that you would like to make. He simply used old private reserve nug jars from the collective, but don’t limit yourself with just these items and supplies. Make your own decorative piece. And share your creation with us.


Here are also some other examples you can do with empty old tincture bottles that he made.

IMG_0102 IMG_0103

Let your exploration be endless!!